Who is Verónica Aragüés

Left home at 21 to go to Germany and improve my German skills. I studied at the Universtät in Worms am Rhein for one year and worked for Iberia Airlines in Frankfurt am Main as a reservations agent for another year… Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

My life as a hotelier started with Hyatt International: Hyatt Regency La Manga, Hotel Principe Felipe Golf Resort in Murcia, Spain. They hired me because I spoke German. At 23, I experienced my first serious responsibilities, won employee of the year and had the most fun in my life! My lust for travel started with Europe as the assigned market. The power of relationships starts to unfold.

Four years later I was transferred to Madrid, where I worked based at the Park Hyatt Villa Magna selling the Hyatt Resort in Murcia. I kept representing the Hotel in the European Market, met wonderful professionals in the industry, who are still my dear friends today (and we are talking about many years ago!)

Hotel Arts Barcelona, Barcelona-Spain, operated by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company: HOME! An amazing period in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. This is where I discovered my true passion: the luxury travel industry community. I started traveling frequently to the USA and Mexico, gaining crucial contacts which turn into life-long friendships.

Hotel Sheraton Bilbao, operated by Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Went back to my hometown and I became acquainted with another wonderful Hotel Company. I learned additional ways of evaluating business, more tools and strategies to make my hotel number one in the market. I was promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing. Love that it happened in the city where I was born!

The Ritz-Carlton Hotels of New York (Central Park and Battery Park). The call back from Ritz-Carlton and off to New York City…Wow! I packed my life at 35 and crossed the Atlantic. I assumed the Area Director of Travel Industry Sales role for international and emerging markets. Achieved amazing results by shifting market share from our competition. Incredible team and way of doing business… I miss New York. Never experienced such a high energy before. Relationships with Latin America become of utmost importance for my career.

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Milano… Parliamo Italiano? Due to the success in New York City, I was presented with the opportunity to be the Director of Sales and Marketing for the top luxury brand of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. I further refined my Sales and Marketing skills in the ultra luxury segment. Led a dynamic team, gained much knowledge of how boutique hotels operate. Bulgari Milano gave me the opportunity to use my relationships and maximize their customer data base in incredibly important markets such as Asia, Russia, South America and Europe…True luxury!

IN TRUTH, by Verónica Aragüés: I create the project that combines my true passions in life: luxury hotels, the travel industry and the power of relationships. When a travel agent books their best customers at the properties I represent because I inspire them trust and peace of mind, this is a priceless reward.

I am grateful to every single person I have met along this wonderful career path. Each one of you made me who I am today and gave me the strength to be where I am right now, here with you.